with woman workshops

midwife (n.) c. 1300, "woman assisting," literally "woman who is 'with' " (the mother at birth), from Middle English mid "with" + wif "woman

How do women throughout the world, and throughout history, manage their health before, during, and after childbearing years?  Who has the power to choose motherhood, whether for themselves or for others? What are the benefits, risks, and costs of different abortion methods? 

We partner with individuals and institutions interested in convening a group of women to address these questions. Throughout this day-long convening, we address issues of Power, Biology, and Mythology so as to gain essential knowledge about reproductive health at all stages in a woman's life, and connect with the community of women who are seeking greater agency over their reproductive powers. We begin with the understanding that while laws, customs, ethics, and techniques vary throughout the world, abortion is a relative constant and 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime. 

Each workshop features local women’s health experts including an herbalist, a gynecologist, and a lawyer alongside project producer-facilitators, Maureen Connor and Eugenia Manwelyan. Hands-on workshops are presented using the oral and empirical traditions through which much of this knowledge was developed and transmitted over time.