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Abortion Garden Workshop at School of Apocalypse Field Trip

We will present our workshop on the history and conflicts surrounding self-managed abortion, and we will be planting an abortion garden together. This workshop will be part of the School of Apocalypse field trip: 

Making Cultures in the In-Between

The West today is in-between. A culture of unchecked exploitation is ending by choice or by collapse, and a new one has yet to take its place. Times like these are confused and anxious: strongmen rise and we plunge ever deeper into crisis. But despite the darkness, we are faced with hopeful possibilities of post-capitalist futures, approaches and stories that can support new cultures of survival. We will have to work in solidarity to seize this moment, because nothing short of the most fundamental shifts will be enough.

This School of Apocalypse Field Trip invites artists, thinkers, and doers or all sorts to share their methods and mythologies for making cultures in this time between two prevailing systems. The word “culture” is historically tied to the cultivation of soil, and so over our three days on a forested site in the Catskills we will also consider land-based approaches to resilience and resistance. 

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